A Respected CNC Milling Shop Serving New England and beyond

Impressive Machining Accuracy

Machine shop perfection is only achieved through skilled tradesmen operating with the right equipment. Shelby Supply Co. relies on the industry’s most advanced CNC machines for our projects. Our CNC milling shop offers manufacturing options which bring together short changeovers with extensive value. The shop’s current lineup of machines gives our clients the wide variety of options needed to produce various designs and prototypes. These devices are also fitted to work with just about any material choice out there. Our work commonly includes precision machining for shipyards and government contractors, and we take pride in providing 100% machining accuracy in everything we do at Shelby Supply Co.

Dedicated CAD & CAM Solutions

Advanced technical capability is at the core of our business at Shelby Supply. In addition to our machining equipment, the entire CNC milling shop at Shelby Supply Co. takes advantage of the industry‚Äôs latest and most reliable CAD/CAM software for every project. It’s one way that our company ensures clients receive precision-engineered products that meet their exact specifications. Our choice of high-quality tools along with this dedicated software means the pinnacle of performance with both plastics and metals.